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Information on Local E85 Fuel

Making our Own Energy Locally 

Learn How we Make E85 Locally & How you can Benefit

Fuel up with E85 to help lower carbon emissions in our community!

Financial Benefits:

Each gallon of E85 that you burn is 20% to 25% cheaper than a gallon of gasoline at the pump. There is a 15% to 20% gas mileage reduction depending on the vehicle. However, the cost per mile of operation is lower using E85 vs Regular Gasoline.


Economic Benefits:

E85 is a locally produced product. The money spent on E85 stays within Stevens county. Denco II is procuring corn from 500 local family farms and producing E85 right in Morris. There are no other liquid transportation fuels available in Stevens county that are produced in Steven’s county.


Environmental Benefits:

Corn ethanol reduces GHG emissions by 40-45% compared to gasoline.


In addition using ethanol instead of gasoline reduces tailpipe emissions of the following pollutants, among others:


Carbon monoxide, which can cause harmful health effects by reducing oxygen delivery to the body’s organs.

Exhaust hydrocarbons, which contribute to ozone, irritate the eyes, damage the lungs, and aggravate respiratory problems.

Air toxins like benzene, which can cause cancer and reproductive effects or birth defects.

Fine particulate matter, which can pass through the throat and nose and enter the lungs, causing serious health effects.

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