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Morris Energy Experience Path

Key and Descriptions



This point represents the Morris City Hall, one of the many government buildings that was recently upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting. 

The Welcome Center is located at the University of Minnesota Morris and is a LEED Certified Gold Building. 

There are several solar arrays in Morris, and the one here is located at the Regional Fitness Center. These 32 flat-plate solar panels are used to heat the pools. 

This is where the recyclables from the UMM campus are carefully sorted by student workers and other facility staff members. 

This is the Green Prairie Living Community, a "green dorm" that includes a solar array, aerogardens, outdoor gardens, and edible landscapes. Green Prairie is a LEED Certified Gold Building. 

The Biomass Gasification utilizes the crop residues produced by surrounding farms to burn and turn into useful, sustainable fuels. 

There are two 1.65MW wind turbines in Morris that provide the UMM campus with over 60% of its energy needs. 

The West Central Research and Outreach Center is a part of the University of Minnesota CFANS (College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources).Students, researchers and farmers work on sustainable dairy and swine production, horticulture and crop production, water quality, and renewable energy. 

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