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Events and Activities

Events and Activities

Across the U of M campus many clubs and organizations are putting on cool events which focus on the natural world. These events range from camping trips to social activism work about environmental justice issues.

The calendar below lists all the outdoor related events for anyone interested in those kinds of events in one spot!  Red events are put on by the Outdoor Engagement intern, orange, club meetings, yellow, club activities, green, campus organization/office events, and blue are community events.

Want to add your event? Email the outdoor engagement intern with your name, what group the event is being put on by, the title of the event, event description, date and time, location and if you want an image a picture as well! Please give a at least a weeks notice before the event so it can be put up in time.

Morris Microadventures!

Microadventures were created by Alastair Humphreys and are meant to be "a small and achievable [outdoor adventure" for normal people with real and busy lives."

The Morris Microadventures are an event put on once a semester by the OOS to show students places where they can take a small break and explore the area.

The microadventures take a small group out to a different place each time which is within walking distance of UMM. They never take more than a couple hours

Be sure to look out for the next one because space is limited!

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