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If you don't know where to look while you're at UMM, it can be virtually impossible to find outdoor recreational spaces. It gets even harder if a student doesn't have a car. To help share knowledge of where someone can get outside around Morris, we have created this section of the Morris Model website.


Below is a google based map showing the locations of a large number of places where someone connect to the natural world around Stevens county. If you want to explore the different kinds of outdoor recreational spaces around Morris, follow the buttons on the lower right. Those different subpages also contain a google based map showing only that category of outdoor places in addition to a comprehensive list of each place. Some of these places have printable PDF mini-maps and a general description of the area.

Finding Places to get Outdoors

Finding Places to get Outdoors

The closest and easiest places to get out in Morris are the city parks! Morris has seven different parks. Some of them are classic city parks, but others like PDT are more similar to a state park.

Wildlife Management Areas are areas which the DNR has set aside across Minnesota for wildlife and recreation! Many of them are on old farmsteads and around here are restored prairies!

Waterfowl Production Areas are land set aside by duck stamps as waterfowl nesting areas. They normally consist of a restored prairie surrounding a lake, river or prairie pothole!

Use this interactive map to see what all is around! The buttons on the right will take you to separate pages based on just one category of outdoor recreational space. There you can find a map consisting of places based on just that outdoor recreational space category, and the printable PDF mini-maps!

Looking for a tower to climb? A nearby state park? A place to go camping? Or generally something else then listed above? Check out this one for a bunch of other cool places.


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