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Have you ever gone someplace and after you arrived, found out that you've come totally unprepared? That situation is pretty easy to run into if you are just trying to spend a little time in the natural world somewhere, especially here in Minnesota. We seem to be prone to big conditions changes which can ruin a nice time outdoor like sudden spring snowstorms and swarms of mosquitoes so thick you can feel the air buzzing.

If there was only a way to talk to someone who had recently been to the place your looking to go, it would make it so much easier to be prepared for what you may find somewhere right? This page has been created to allow people to share reports of the places that they go to help attempt to alleviate the problem of being unpaired for an outing! 

These place condition reports are maintained just by you all! Please share your knowledge about your recent outings here on this page in the comments area below following this form:

Place name:


Place Condition Report: Just let us know what you found, how your adventure went, and anything you want to share.

Your name and email:

Pictures: if you have any pictures of the area that you want to share, please attach those as well! 


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