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Getting to Know Morris's City Parks

Getting to Know Morris's City Parks

When living in Morris, you are never more than a half mile from one of the seven city parks. These parks very dramatically in their layout. Some of them, such as East Side park are classic city parks with play structures, green spaces and athletic complexes, while others such as Pomme de Terre are more similar to a state park with large undeveloped areas, campgrounds, picnic shelters, bike trails and more. 

The map below has just the Morris City parks outlined if you want to do a little scouting to find out which park you plan on visiting next. The map can be used for directions to each of the different parks. Finally, to the right of the map is a PDF for each park. This PDF contains a mini-map of the park area and a small description of what you can expect to find at each park.

East Side Park

Green River  Park

Kjenstad Park

Pomme de Terre Park

The Eagles Ball Park


Thedin Park

Wells Park

Use this interactive map to see what the Morris City Parks are and how to get to them! If you want to know more about one of the city parks, check out the PDFs mini-maps to the right!

Kjenstad Park, located on Crystal Lake. In the winter you can walk on the ice out to Crystal Lake Island, which lies completely inside city limits!

Photo Credit: Samuel Yuan


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