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Morris Model Goals

Morris Model Strategic Plan 1.0 

The Morris Model Strategic Plan (PDF) was developed at the Climate Smart Municipality Strategic Planning Retreat held at Camp Ripley from October 29th to 30th in 2018. The retreat was made possible by a West Central Initiative Community Planning Grant. ​Over 30 community leaders and representatives were brought together from city and county government, the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission (SCEIC), Morris Area Public Schools, UMN Morris, USDA Soils Lab, and WCROC, Denco II ethanol plant, Ottertail Power, Riverview LLP, and Superior Industries. The representatives brainstormed goals and projects for all community partners.

The "Big 3" GOALS:
  1. Produce 80% of the energy consumed in the county by 2030

  2. Reduce energy consumption 30% by 2030

  3. No land-filling of waste generated within the county by 2025

Goal Areas:
  • Energy – Generation, Efficiency, and Integration

  • Transportation – (e.g. Electric and Bio-fuel transition at all levels)

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Energy and Resiliency Education at all levels

To read the full list of goals, download the Morris Model Strategic Plan.

Morris Model Community Resilience Plan 

The Morris Model Community Resilience Plan (PDF) summarizes several resilience challenges facing our community; actions we have taken to prepare for these challenges; and shared goals we have to make our community more resilient in the future. It brings together many conversations, workshops, and meetings into a comprehensive and easy to read plan. Ideally, this plan will bring attention to this important work and foster greater public awareness about the realities of our changing weather.

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