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Camping, Towers and other Cool Places

Camping, Towers and other Cool Places

Though just being outdoors or exploring someplace can be a lot of fun, there are other things to do in the area as well! There are towers to climb, bike tails to ride upon, state parks to visit and campsites for a weekend getaway. These places are scattered across the area with some being closer to UMM than other.

The map on the bottom right of this page is a google based and shows all these other places of interest around the area. You can use this to explore the options and location of what is around and get directions from it. To its right is all the areas of interest broken into categories. Clicking on a bold name will pull up a printable mini-map of the site and a small description. The others follow links to the best source of information for that site.

Bike trails:

             Starbucks Trail

             PDT Trail

Frolf (Frisbee/Disk Golf):

            PDT Park

Nearby State Parks:

            Glacial Lakes


Towers to climb:

            Nemackle Park

Places to go camping:

            Nemackle Park

            PDT Park

            Glacial Lakes State Park

            Sibley State Park

Hiking Trails:

            Glacial Lakes State Park

            Sibley State Park

            Nemackle Park

            Morris Wetlands Wildlife Management Office

Other cool places to explore:

           Crystal Lake Island

           PDT Dam by the PDT campground

           Big Sledding hill behind the high school

           West Roc Flower gardens and PDT overlook

           Morris Windmill

           Canoeing the PDT River (talk to the RFC)

Winter recreation:

         Andes Towers (Skiing, Snowboarding, XC)

         Lee Community Center (Ice Rink) 

Use this interactive map to see what all is around, and what you can check out! The categories on the right list other cool places to go, and things to do in the area. Clicking on each place will bring up a PDF of the area which includes a mini-map and description. 

Are we missing some cool place nearby that you think other people should know about? Contact the Outdoor Engagement and Education Intern and it may get added to the list!

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