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One of our newest additions to our Morris Model work is that of our outdoor engagement and education. Through this work we are helping to connect students to the natural world, facilitate positive connections to the outdoors and build intracampus connections to help achieve this goal.

Outdoor Engagement and Education

Outdoor Engagement and Education

For being in greater Minnesota, it can be surprisingly hard to get outside as a UMM student! Many outdoor spaces are hard to find, near impossible to navigate to and the information about what the space looks does not exist. Overall, the information of where someone can find public land is simply not available to a UMM student.

To start addressing these issues, we created this online platform to help share the information students need to help them get outdoors. 

One of the hardest parts about getting outside around UMM is trying to find places where you can go to get outdoors. This page can help you find places you can get outdoors.

Even if you know places that you want to go, it can be super hard to get to them. This embed google map can help you navigate to these places.

Want to learn more about a place you want to explore? Want to share some helpful information about your recent excursion? Use this message board to share information or learn more before you embark.

Get connected with that others are putting on cool events and activities focused on the natural world!

Resources, tips and tricks to help you plan your next adventure!


Contact the Office of Sustainability to learn more!

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