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City of Morris Hires New Sustainability Project Coordinator

The City of Morris recently hired a new Sustainability Project Coordinator. The new coordinator, Griffin Peck, is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota- Morris. During their time at Morris they worked closely under Troy Goodnough, the Director of Sustainability at the Morris Campus. Griffin worked on collecting electrical and thermal energy data for the school and benchmarked the data for future uses. Prior to attending UMN Morris, Griffin worked on a LEED certification project where they certified the high school that they went to.

Griffin will be working on several different sustainability projects for the City of Morris, The Morris Model, and Stevens County. One of the first projects he will be working on is a GHG Emissions Inventory of the City's 'business as usual' operations. The goals of this inventory is to better understand the impacts of the City's operations and to explore future options for decarbonizing our operations to become a Net Zero Carbon City.

If you have any sustainability questions or want to learn more about them, Griffin can be reached at

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