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Morris Model Featured on Minnesota Public Radio

Tomorrow, August 29th, The City of Morris, UMN Morris, and UMN WCROC will be featured in a story on Minnesota Public Radio. The story is a part of a larger series focusing on how MN will achieve its ambitious climate, energy, and resilience goals. The story will play during the MPR Morning Edition which is on air from 6 Am-8Am. The entire story will also be available on the MPR website.

The story focuses on how Morris is making progress in a variety of areas despite being in a rural community in west central MN.

The story will feature former city of Morris city administrator Blaine Hill and current Morris Mayor, Kevin Wohlers. The story will also feature city of Morris Sustainability Coordinator, Griffin Peck, UMN Morris's Troy Goodnough, Bryan Herrman, and Chacellor Janet Schrunk-Ericksen. The story will also feature Mike Reese and Joel Tallaksen from UMN WCROC.

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