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Join date: Feb 25, 2021


Moved to Morris from Southern California in December 2019.

In Southern California we saw the devastating consequences of an ill-considered and poorly planned move to renewable energy.

We all saw this more recently in events in Texas, where renewable energy resources became destructive to community resiliency, cost lives and created economic upheaval.

When we look out our front window toward the Morris wind turbines, we see a cause for concern. Quite often one or both of them are feathered and producing no energy. They tower over a sensitive ecosystem in the Pomme de Terre park area, seemingly out of place. The new solar farm across US59 from the park occupies prime pastureland needed for the dairy program, and is likely now an undesirable area for cattle herds.

We need to ask at the outset of these programs what the costs will be. We need to look at total impact on our community and local ecosystems. Carbon footprint is relatively minor in rural areas, since agriculture operations have reduce or eliminate the costs in our area. Energy costs are rising rapidly, forcing people out of Morris, and making life hard for those of us on fixed incomes. Both my wife and I are now working in part because of the rising cost-of-living in Stevens county. Not everybody will have that option.

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