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Getting to Know Stevens County WMAs

Getting to Know Stevens County WMAs

What's a WMA? A Wildlife Management Areas, better known as W.M.A.s are places which have been set aside by the DNR for wildlife and recreation. Across the state there are 1,674 WMAs encompassing 1.3 million acres of Minnesota Landscape. 

Of these we have 29 of them in Stevens County! Many of the them in this area sit upon old farmland which has been restored to prairie.  Additionally, many sit on historic areas, unplowed prairies, woodlands and even the Pomme de Terre river. 

The map on the bottom right of this page is a google based map which lists all the Stevens County WMAs. This can be used to explore what is around and get directions. To its right is all the WMAs are listed by names. Clicking on a bold name will pull up a printable mini-map of the site and a small description. The rest pull up the DNR recreational compass. We plan on adding mini-maps for each WMA as we make them.

Use this interactive map to see what all is around, and what you can check out! If you want to know more about one of the WMAs, check out the PDFs to the right.

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