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The CLimate Community of Saerbeck

To learn more about the Saerbeck Community click here.

Saerbeck is a small community in western Germany located in the region of North-Rhein Westphalia. There are about 7,082 inhabitants living here.


Since 2009, the Saerbeck community has made it its goal to make their community a more sustainable place to live as they learn and grow together through their initiatives.

Saerbeck is part of the Climate Alliance, a NRW Climate Community of the Future, European Energy Award (Silver and Gold) winner, German Sustainability Award Nominee, Award for the Energy Commune Recipient, Award for Champion Commune in the RES Champions League Competition Recipient, a Model Climate Commune, among other awards and accomplishments.


Saerbeck's ongoing energy projects for their sustainable future is vital in their success as a community.



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